The Shifters. Alexandra Sokoloff

Зарубежная фантастика. The Keepers

The Shifters
Alexandra Sokoloff
The Keepers
Зарубежная фантастика
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Unleash the untamed passions of the underworld in these deliciously wicked tales of paranormal romance.The streets of New Orleans can be a dangerous place for the heartCharged with overseeing the city’s shapeshifters, Caitlin has her reasons to be wary of their kind. So when charismatic shifter Ryder shows up, claiming to be on the trail of malevolent entities called Walk-Ins, Caitlin has no reason to trust him. But as tourists start dropping dead Cait must work with Ryder to navigate his shadowy, ephemeral world…Ryder usually hunts alone – but this case requires an exception. To prevent a supernatural massacre, he needs a Keeper on his side. In his world, appearances can be deceiving and deadly. And the only way they’ll survive is if this woman who tempts him like no other trusts in him completely.