The Rancher Wore Suits. Rita Herron

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The Rancher Wore Suits - Rita Herron

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      The minute Ty saw Jessica he knew he was in trouble

      She beamed a smile at him that reminded him of sunshine and picnics by the lake. He wanted to touch her so badly he had to stuff his hands into the pockets of his designer suit. Her gaze met his and he pulled at the confounded tie, wishing he could take it off.

      His brother owned more suits than a clothing store. Ty had intended to choose his own clothes this morning, but he’d taken one look at Dex’s closet and gotten dizzy. He’d pulled out a few ties and shirts and tried to match them up, but Dex’s valet, George, had walked in and taken pity on him.

      He wondered what Jessica thought of George’s selection. Even worse, he wondered what she’d think of him in his usual dusty jeans and battered Stetson.

      What the hell was he thinking?

      She would think he was just a down-on-his-luck rancher. He and Jessica belonged to two different worlds.

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      The Rancher Wore Suits

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      Rita Herron is a teacher, workshop leader and storyteller who loves reading, writing and sharing stories with people of all ages. She has published two nonfiction books for adults on working and playing with children, and has won the Golden Heart award for a young adult story. Rita believes that books taught her to dream, and she loves nothing better than sharing that magic with others. She lives with her “dream” husband and three children, two cats and a dog in Norcross, Georgia. Rita loves to hear from readers. You can contact her at or P.O. Box 921225, Norcross, GA, 30092-1225.



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      O’Hare Airport

      What else could go wrong?

      As if his godawful trip to Chicago hadn’t been bad enough, Ty Cooper glanced at the overhead screen and noticed his flight back to Montana had been delayed. Two hours.

      More time to think about the deal that had slipped through his fingers this week.

      He might as well settle in, have a drink and try to come up with some ideas to expand his cattle business. The investor he’d met with in Chicago had promised big things for the Coopers’ shrinking cattle market, but all that fancy talk across conference tables hadn’t seemed practical to Ty. Ty and the five generations of Coopers who’d run the Circle C were men who lived off the land, not men who wore suits, talked stock options and thought about marketing strategies. His grandparents had done without the niceties in life, and Ty wanted to give them all the luxuries they had never had. After all, he owed them so much….

      A pretty little waitress smiled at him, and he tipped his Stetson, then laid it on his knee as she approached. He might be in a foul mood but Ty Cooper’s grandma had raised him right—a man always behaved like a gentlemen in the presence of a lady.

      “Can I get you a drink, sir?”

      “A beer’ll be fine, sugar. Whatever you’ve got on tap.” He winked. “I’m not picky.”

      She gave him that funny grin, the same one everyone in Chicago had given him for the past week every time he’d spoken. They probably didn’t see too many real-life cowboys in the windy city. A few seconds later, the waitress left him a full cold mug and he sipped the beer while he studied the report from the investor.

      There was no way he could make this deal work, he realized seconds into the reading. He had to face the grim truth; there would be no upgrading at the Circle C this year. Disappointment ballooned in his chest. He’d wanted to hire an extra hand so his grandfather wouldn’t have to work so hard. Pa Cooper was getting on in years. Ty worried he’d wear himself out. He also wanted his grandfather and grandmother to be able to spend more time together, take a trip, enjoy the good life in their golden years. Do things they had never done.

      Frustrated, he glanced up, wishing he had a cigarette, but he’d given them up years ago, so he searched for the waitress’s smile again, the only bright spot

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