Have Husband, Need Honeymoon. Rita Herron

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Have Husband, Need Honeymoon - Rita Herron

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      “There’s something I have to show you.”

      Alison handed Brady the envelope and said, “This might come as a shock.”

      Brady frowned and opened the envelope, his hands shaking as he pulled out the marriage certificate—their marriage certificate. Then he removed the next set of papers and his eyes met hers.

      “They’re our annulment papers,” Alison said in a low voice. “My grandmother sent them to me in my hope chest.”

      “But they haven’t been processed. What’s going on?”

      “Apparently Dad asked Grammy Rose to file them and she…forgot.”

      It took just a second for him to realize the implications. “Then…we’re…”

      “That’s right, Brady. We’re still married.”

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      Have Husband, Need Honeymoon

      Rita Herron


      To Melissa Endlich—

      Thanks for helping me give life to this one.

       I hope it’s the first of many more books we do together!


      Rita Herron is a teacher, workshop leader and storyteller who loves reading, writing and sharing stories with people of all ages. She has published two nonfiction books for adults on working and playing with children, and has won the Golden Heart award for a young adult story. Rita believes that books taught her to dream, and she loves nothing better than sharing that magic with others. She lives with her “dream” husband and three children, two cats and a dog in Norcross, Georgia.


      My sweet, darling Alison,

      You’ve always been a special granddaughter to me because you are the last link to our past, the last link to our future. Endings are usually sad, but you taught us that endings can also be a joy.

      You readily accepted the broken toys, the hand-me-down clothes, the hectic life and schedule of a single father. You were always sensitive to others, the peacemaker between your sisters during their turbulent years, always the one to hold the family together. You have the rare gift of knowing when to listen as well as talk, and you touch everything in life with wisdom and kindness. When we tried to baby you, you fought for independence and won. But even when your hair turns gray like mine and your children grow taller than you, you will still be my baby.

      I hope you learn to speak your mind, to sometimes rock the boat without worrying about what others might think. I wish for you happiness, true love and a man that will be your equal and bring you all the joy a partner can.

      Love you always,

      Grammy Rose


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      Chapter One

      “Thomas asked me to marry him.”

      Still glowing from their own recent weddings, Mimi and Hannah, Alison Hartwell’s two older sisters, exchanged odd looks.

      Alison had expected them to jump up and down and start making plans right away, so their lack of exuberance surprised her, especially since they were sitting in the middle of her bridal shop, Weddings to Remember. Every time they gathered here, they talked about weddings. Hannah’s wedding to Jake Tippins, a sexy cop who’d almost arrested their father. Mimi’s wedding to Hannah’s ex-fiancé, Seth Broadhurst. The fact that Hannah had fixed Alison up with the handsome obstetrician gynecologist the minute he’d driven into town. The fact that Alison had caught the bouquet at Mimi’s wedding. The hope chests their grandmother Rose had sent them that had seemingly been a catalyst for choosing their mates—and for the craziness in their lives.

      “That’s great,” levelheaded Hannah finally said. “Thomas is a wonderful doctor.”

      Mimi, folded hands across the bulging mound of her pregnant belly, kicked off her shoes to reveal swollen ankles. “Yeah, he has a good sense of humor.”

      Hannah straightened the stack of bridal magazines on the round table between them. “And all his women patients love him.” She frowned. “I don’t mean they’re in love with him, I—”

      “I know what you mean,” Alison said.

      “He is an OB-GYN.” Mimi wrinkled her nose. “Let’s hope his women patients love him. After all, he doesn’t have men patients.”

      Mimi laughed at her own joke, and Alison and Hannah both shook their heads.

      “Come to think of it,” Mimi continued, “marrying a gynecologist would be kind of weird. Do you think he ever gets tired of—”

      “I’m sure he gets tired of that question,” Hannah said, cutting her off.

      Mimi giggled mischievously and grabbed Alison’s hand, checking her third finger. “No ring, huh? What is he,

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