Свольн. Путь в воины. Константин Назимов

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Свольн. Путь в воины - Константин Назимов

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       “Oh … I didn’t know you were in here.”

      Jimmy secured his towel as she remained standing in the doorway. Her nightgown clung to her curves like a second skin.

      “Sheri.” His voice sounded half-strangled as a wave of immense want roared through him. “You need to back away and close the door.”

      And still she remained in place, as if waiting. But waiting for what?

      “Sheri, if you don’t leave now I won’t be responsible for my actions.”

      “I don’t think I want you to be responsible for your actions right now. I don’t even think I want to be responsible for my own actions right now.”

      She took his hand and placed it on her racing heart.

      “What are we doing, Sheri?” he asked.

      “I don’t know, but I don’t want to stop.”

      Dear Reader,

      I’ve enjoyed my time in Wolf Creek, Pennsylvania, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it, too. However, I couldn’t leave the area without Sheri Marcoli finally finding her prince. Unfortunately, with her aunt Liz still missing and danger closing in, the last thing on Sheri’s mind is romance.

      Detective Jimmy Carmani is no prince, but he’s determined that no harm will come to the gentle Sheri. Even though both of his partners have found love with Sheri’s two sisters, he’s not looking for a trifecta.

      I found my prince years ago. He was shorter than I’d expected, but just the right height for us to fit together perfectly when we danced. He has a perfect falsetto for old fifties songs and makes me laugh more than anyone else in my life. He’s my rock when I’m weak and I can’t imagine my life without him by my side.

      I couldn’t do less for Sheri. I hope you enjoy reading about how she found the special man who would be her prince for the rest of her life.

      Happy reading!

      Carla Cassidy

      Lone Wolf Standing

      Carla Cassidy


      CARLA CASSIDY is an award-winning author who has written more than one hundred books for Mills & Boon. In 1995 she won Best Silhouette Romance from RT Book Reviews for Anything for Danny. In 1998 she won a Career Achievement Award for Best Innovative Series from RT Book Reviews.

      Carla believes the only thing better than curling up with a good book to read is sitting down at the computer with a good story to write. She’s looking forward to writing many more books and bringing hours of pleasure to readers.

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      To Frank, My New York Italian prince. Thank you for loving me.




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      The Prince of Philly

      Jimmy Carmani was halfway from the police station to his apartment when his radio crackled and dispatcher Erin Taylor’s melodic voice filled his car. “Jimmy, where are you?” she asked.

      “Just about home. Why? What’s up?”

      “I just got a call from Travis Brooks and he says he’s being held at gunpoint by Sheri Marcoli at her place. You want to check it out?”

      “On my way,” Jimmy replied, wondering if his voice held the utter shock that swept through him. The idea of Sheri Marcoli holding Travis at gunpoint was stunning. The idea of Sheri holding anyone at gunpoint was ludicrous. It had to be a mistake.

      He remembered a year ago when somebody had called into the station to say that Sarah Fisher, one of the women from the nearby Amish community, was beating a man to death with a hoe.

      Jimmy and his partners Frank Delaney and Steve Kincaid had sped to the scene where they found Sarah using a hoe to beat a rug hanging on a clothesline.

      This had to be something similar. There was no way that Jimmy would believe that sweet, caring, petite Sheri Marcoli even owned a gun.

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