A Man Worth Remembering. Delores Fossen

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A Man Worth Remembering - Delores Fossen

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      An image flashed through Leigh’s mind

      It was an image of Gabe, beautifully naked. He had his hands on her. Their embrace was beyond intimate. It was so clear, so erotic that Leigh gasped.

      “What’s wrong?” Gabe glanced around them.

      “Nothing,” she said on a rush of breath. “A memory, I think.”

      “Of what?”

      She couldn’t tell him. Leigh didn’t even think she could say the words.

      “Was it about us?”

      Leigh nodded but didn’t offer anything else.

      “All right, if you won’t answer, I’ll fill in the blanks. We had some bad times along with the good ones. Very good ones. Yes, we argued, but we always made up. We had all the hopes, dreams and problems of any other couple in love. And yes, damn it, we even had great sex.”

      He must have sensed that he’d hit upon something. “Great sex,” he repeated.

      “I won’t get involved with you again,” she retorted.

      “Are you trying to convince me,” Gabe drawled, “or yourself?”

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      A Man Worth Remembering

      Delores Fossen



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      Imagine a family tree that includes Texas cowboys, Choctaw and Cherokee Indians, a Louisiana pirate and a Scottish rebel who battled side by side with William Wallace. With ancestors like that, it’s easy to understand why Texas author and former air force captain Delores Fossen feels as if she was genetically predisposed to writing romances. Along the way to fulfilling her DNA destiny, Delores married an air force Top Gun who just happens to be of Viking descent. With all those romantic bases covered, she doesn’t have to look too far for inspiration.



      Leigh O’Brien—Even though she’s lost her memory, Leigh senses that she and her husband, Gabe, once had a life and love that’s worth remembering. Without realizing she has a secret that can destroy the new bonds between them, Leigh places her life, and her heart, in Gabe’s hands.

      Special Agent Gabe Sanchez—Gabe vows to do his job and protect his estranged wife from a killer, but he doesn’t want to give Leigh another chance to crush his heart. Too bad he can’t forget the love they once shared—a love that is threatened when Gabe learns the truth Leigh has kept from him.

      Wade Jenkins—A key member of the task force assembled to protect Leigh and catch the killer. But is Wade someone Leigh and Gabe can trust? Or is he the very man who wants Leigh dead?

      Teresa Walters—An ATF agent with more than a professional interest in Gabe.

      Frank Templeton—Leigh’s former assistant on the FBI’s Evidence Response Team. Does someone want Frank dead as well, or is he the mastermind behind the plot to kill Leigh?

      To my sister, Linda Reeves,

       who taught me many of life’s most important lessons.


      Chapter One

      Chapter Two

      Chapter Three

      Chapter Four

      Chapter Five

      Chapter Six

      Chapter Seven

      Chapter Eight

      Chapter Nine

      Chapter Ten

      Chapter Eleven

      Chapter Twelve

      Chapter Thirteen

      Chapter Fourteen

      Chapter Fifteen

      Chapter Sixteen

      Chapter Seventeen

      Chapter Eighteen

      Chapter Nineteen

      Chapter Twenty

      Chapter One

      Leigh realized she was being murdered.

      She regained consciousness in the water. Cold, deep, dark water. It was above her, beneath her, around her on all sides. Smothering her.

      Terror shot through her. She frantically tried to swim but couldn’t. Her hands and feet were tied together. Water gushed into her nose and mouth. Her throat clenched. It hurt. She hurt. Her chest pounded as if it might shatter.

      Someone had put her there. But who? She could just make out a milky image on the bridge above the water’s surface. No face. No name. Just someone who obviously wanted her dead.

      Inch by excruciating inch, she sank lower. She fought against the urge to surrender, to close her eyes and just give up so the pain would stop. No. She wouldn’t give up. Couldn’t. God, she didn’t want to die.

      Leigh twisted her body, using the last of her breath to try to stop her downward slide. She didn’t succeed. The water coiled

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