Kentucky Confidential. Пола Грейвс

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Kentucky Confidential - Пола Грейвс

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      The return of the wife he thought was lost and a baby he never knew existed will make this a Christmas to remember...

      Captain Connor McGinnis has seen a ghost. Staring at a surveillance photo of a Kaziri immigrant, there can be no mistaking that the starkly beautiful—and visibly pregnant—woman in a head scarf is his wife, Risa. The woman he presumed was dead after her plane crashed into the ocean.

      Risa McGinnis, relocated by the CIA when they learned of a price on her head, has settled into the guise of a widowed immigrant. Confronting Connor again resurrects sweet memories and a burning passion. But until this unknown enemy is captured, Risa must focus more on Connor’s protection than on their attraction. After all, the strength of her marriage—and the safety of her baby—depends on it...

      Resourceful, he thought. That was Risa.

      He felt a familiar tug low in his gut, a pull of attraction and admiration and awe, all wrapped up in one small, brilliant woman. And then, like a slow-rolling detonation, the delayed impact of the reality he’d been tamping down beneath his game face finally hit him with devastating force.

      She’s alive.

      Shock waves of pent-up emotion blew through him, and he ended up dropping to the cold bus stop bench before his knees buckled.

      He took several deep breaths, his heart hammering as if he’d run for miles. Risa sat beside him, her compact body warm, and she put her hand on his arm.

      “What’s wrong?”

      How could he tell her what he was feeling when he couldn’t trust the emotions? Yes, he was thrilled beyond words that she was alive. He had mourned her deeply, longed for her when she was no longer within his reach, but those feelings seemed to belong to another person.

      A person who couldn’t have imagined that his wife would let him believe she was dead when she was very much alive.

      And carrying his child.

      Kentucky Confidential

      Paula Graves

      PAULA GRAVES, an Alabama native, wrote her first book at the age of six. A voracious reader, Paula loves books that pair tantalizing mystery with compelling romance. When she’s not reading or writing, she works as a creative director for a Birmingham advertising agency and spends time with her family and friends. Paula invites readers to visit her website,

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      Connor McGinnis—His wife, Risa, died in a terrorist attack almost eight months ago. Or did she? A surveillance photo of a pregnant Kaziri immigrant leads the former Marine on a search for the truth. But can he live with what he finds?

      Risa McGinnis, aka Yasmin Hamani—She’s come to terms with living a lie to protect herself and the child she’s carrying. But when the past she left behind storms into her new life, everything she’s fought to preserve may be destroyed.

      Martin Dalrymple—Risa’s only contact with her past has gone silent. Why has he stopped communication with her? Is his own life in danger?

      Alexander Quinn, Maddox Heller and Rebecca Cameron—Connor’s bosses at Campbell Cove Security Services have promised their support in his search for the truth about his dead wife.

      Farid Rahimi—Risa’s boss at the restaurant where she works undercover as a waitress named Yasmin pings her danger radar. But why?

      Tahir Mahmood—The brutal terrorist was presumed dead after an explosion years ago. But is it possible he’s still alive? And could he be behind the ongoing threats to Risa’s life?

      Jesse Cooper—Convinced someone high in the government may be trying to kill Risa, Connor reaches out to this security expert with experience dealing with government conspiracies.

      Leland Garrett—Is the Homeland Security agent friend or foe?

      For my editor, Allison, whose Raylan Givens

      love led to this series.



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