Cast In Honour. Michelle Sagara

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Cast In Honour - Michelle Sagara

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      In the aftermath of a vicious battle between darkness and light, the city of Elantra has emerged victorious. But Shadows continue to haunt every corner of its streets…

      Elantra stands strong, but countless numbers of Hawks, the city’s staunchest protectors, were lost in the brutal attack. Humans, Barrani, Aerians, Leontines—none of the races emerged unscathed from the defense of the city. Homes were lost, families were scattered...and the outcast Barrani Lord Nightshade is missing from his castle in the fiefs.

      Yet as the chaos surrounding the battle begins to wane, Private Kaylin Neya’s duties must resume, despite her grief. Called in to investigate a triple murder in a quiet part of town, Kaylin and her companions are soon embroiled in a case that is anything but routine. Evidence of the deadly Shadows that still threaten the city leads to hints of ancient, forgotten magics...and everything can be traced directly to Ravellon, the heart of the Shadows and the darkness they contain.

      But it is there that Lord Nightshade will be found—if he still survives.

      “No one provides an emotional payoff like Michelle Sagara. Combine that with a fast-paced police procedural, deadly magics, five very different races and a wickedly dry sense of humor—well, it doesn’t get any better than this.”

      —Bestselling author Tanya Huff on The Chronicles of Elantra series

      “Readers will embrace this compelling, strong-willed heroine with her often sarcastic voice.”

      —Publishers Weekly on Cast in Courtlight

      “The impressively detailed setting and the book’s spirited heroine are sure to charm romance readers, as well as fantasy fans who like some mystery with their magic.”

      —Publishers Weekly on Cast in Secret

      “Along with the exquisitely detailed world building, Sagara’s character development is mesmerizing. She expertly breathes life into a stubborn yet evolving heroine. A true master of her craft!”

      —RT Book Reviews (4½ stars) on Cast in Fury

      “Each visit to this amazing world, with its richness of place and character, is one to relish.”

      —RT Book Reviews (4½ stars) on Cast in Silence

      “Another satisfying addition to an already vivid and entertaining fantasy series.”

      —Publishers Weekly on Cast in Chaos

      “Sagara does an amazing job continuing to flesh out her large cast of characters, but keeps the unsinkable Kaylin at the center.”

      —RT Book Reviews (4½ stars) on Cast in Peril

      “Über-awesome Sagara picks up the intense action right where she left off… While Kaylin is the heart of this amazing series, the terrific characters keep the story moving. An autobuy for sure!”

      —RT Book Reviews (4½ stars) on Cast in Sorrow

      Cast in Honour

      Michelle Sagara

      For Mary-Theresa Hussey,

      With thanks and gratitude for a decade of partnership.



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      Kaylin had a new home, and she loved it.

      The Imperial Palace was, to many, the pinnacle of dream homes. But to Kaylin, it had been a nightmare—one that she’d finally escaped. The Palace Guard no longer lined the halls outside of her room, and her rooms were no longer so grand or so fine that she felt as if she didn’t belong in them. The shutters on her windows—and they were shuttered, not barred—weren’t as warped as they had been in her old apartment, but the windows opened to let both light and air in, when she desired it.

      And best of all: Dragon arguments no longer woke her out of a sound sleep.

      In theory, Barrani arguments were quieter than draconic arguments, Barrani throats being confined to the general shape and size, even if they were immortal. Angry Barrani weren’t exactly

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