A Deal With Alejandro. Maya Blake

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A Deal With Alejandro - Maya Blake

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      Alejandro always plays by the rules...

      Alejandro Aguilar never mixes business with pleasure—but his newest employee, marketing guru Elise Jameson, is refreshingly different and irresistibly intoxicating. Working together on a high-octane multibillion-dollar merger, exhilaration gets the better of them...

      Until now!

      But this Spaniard is still wrestling demons from his past and he sees betrayal everywhere, including in the eyes of his temptress, Elise. So he fires her, destroying the business deal—and her heart. Until he realizes his mistake. Innocent Elise is the key to the merger, and she knows her price—but is Alejandro prepared to go all in?

      ‘Miss Jameson.’

      It wasn’t a request. It was an order couched in a pseudo-reasonable tone.

      Keep walking. She took another step.


      She froze, the sound of her given name so unbelievably sensual coming from his deep, slightly accented tones that she couldn’t suppress a gasp. She slowly turned around.

      ‘One last thing. My company isn’t the place to find your next boyfriend or a husband. As long as you’re contracted to work for me you’ll practise a zero-fraternisation policy. I find that petty lawsuits are best avoided that way.’

      ‘Are you speaking from personal experience?’ she asked.

      Alejandro’s face tightened into a rigid, forbidding mask. Hell, she’d struck another nerve. God, what was wrong with her?

      ‘That is not your concern. Just be sure to let Grandma know you’ll be disappointing her for a while longer where potential wedding bells are concerned, would you?’

      Just keep walking.

       Rival Brothers

      When rivalry is thicker than blood…

      Estranged brothers Alejandro and Gael Aguilar are titans of technology and each other’s biggest rivals.

      It will take two special women to help these sexy Spaniards put the past behind them and join forces to become more powerful than they ever dreamed!

      Battle commences in…

      A Deal with Alejandro

      And find who will be victorious in…

      One Night with Gael

      Available November 2016

      A Deal with Alejandro

      Maya Blake



      MAYA BLAKE’s hopes of becoming a writer were born when she picked up her first romance at thirteen. Little did she know her dream would come true! Does she still pinch herself every now and then to make sure it’s not a dream? Yes, she does! Feel free to pinch her, too, via Twitter, Facebook or Goodreads! Happy reading!

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