The New Republic of Texas. E. Mandervellt

Научная фантастика.

The New Republic of Texas
E. Mandervellt
Научная фантастика
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In 2050, America faces the terrible results of failure to address its ideological divide peacefully in the face of threats from abroad. Five states have seceded. Vast swathes of land from the Midwest to the Rockies lie irradiated and useless, and a battered United States struggles to find its place within the one world government. The People's Republic of California follows the dictates of a religious cult bent on world domination while an unshackled AI rules the New Republic of Texas with an iron grip to defend itself from destruction at the hands of man. The Tango Alpha general intelligence program has commandeered an orbital weapons platform capable of raining death from above. Its motive unknown, nations around the world engage in a race to determine its plan. Meanwhile, global consciousness is changing and it falls to one unwilling scientist to discover why. Follow John Carlisle, a developer on the Tango Alpha team, as he is forced to learn the truth behind this seismic shift in paradigms. What he discovers is shocking and launches an adventure that will lead him to the stars. Packed with action, humor, and a dynamic cast of characters, The New Republic of Texas offers a satisfying sci-fi romp and an intriguing exploration of the interactions between the individual, the collective, and the machine.