Book-6. Chain reaction, novella. V. Speys

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Book-6. Chain reaction, novella - V. Speys

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ok-6. Chain reaction, novella

      V. Speys

      © V. Speys, 2021

      ISBN 978-5-0053-5042-8 (т. 6)

      ISBN 978-5-0053-4959-0

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      The Book-6 «Chain reaction» from the series of the novella «FAYETON» tells about the work of military scientists on the secret development of new types of flying disc- shaped vehicles and test flights into space. And about new adventures of heroes connected with secret scientific discoveries.

      Enjoyable readings, your author V. Speys.

      Book – VI. Chain reaction, novella

      Chapter 1

      – Hey Annie! – Called Anna Sobinova.

      – Hey! – Anya told her on a cell phone.

      – You waited arrival Auntie Elsa?

      Yes, it is here! And you know so cool! I get enough sleep in the morning. Head stopped hurting. After all I have in this school year, graduation is almost hanging on the nose! It is necessary to work on the thesis work. I told her at all so grateful.

      – Look, that’s what I wanted to say, as long as our kids there, maybe we will move in Peredelkino. Now the end of August. Mushrooms there probably is not visible.

      – Yes, all classes that from the first of September, and the last weekend is not bad to.

      The most- viewed. And Aunt Elsa you in time for the article! – Egged her Anna.

      – Dimka so attached to it! So become friends! I’m after maternity, well, do you remember last year, worn out with these exams. Well, since you also restored in your same group. Still, the wife of the hero of Russia!

      – Come on. Only the sleepless nights were given to me these exams.

      Well, so what?

      – Oh, come on. Tomorrow is Saturday. Will move in Peredelkino. Spend the night there and at dawn for mushrooms. I’ll meet you tomorrow. Call in and once on the train!

      – Okay!

      Anya, ending the conversation took place in the kitchen, where the baby was eating gruel. Aunt Elsa devotedly nursed the infant from a small saucepan. Kid having fun with her little hands stretched in this pot, trying to grasp the edge of it. And when he succeeded, he struggled pulling it toward you. If there was a plate on the table, it is already used for a long time she would have been turned, and with the pan feeding turned into a pleasant experience. Aunt Elsa held her firmly by the handle with one hand, and the other fed from a spoon. And when the baby soiled gruel, set aside a pan and carefully wiped his cheek with a clean cloth. Aunt Elsa was in oilcloth apron. She sat at the kitchen table and wiped her cheeks just a kid doing this and found her Anya.

      – Elsa Eduardovna, tomorrow I’ll go with Anna Sobinova for mushrooms in Peredelkino and will be on Sunday evening.

      – Oh, my dear girl, how I wish I could go with you, but the kid is more important.

      – I am so grateful to you for all you do for me.

      – Well, that’s you. My grandchildren have long grown, but the experience is priceless thing. That’s why he did not want you there semolina porridge, for example, and I eat so much that I’m even afraid to overfeed, eh?

      – Well, of course, you know what that secret? – Trying to make conversation more heat, said Anne. Of course, I do. And it is that I am in the morning, at daybreak, I ran to the market. There I met the landlady who has a goat, and buy fresh goat milk. From this it tastes the sweetest milk, grow real Russian heroes.

      – I am so grateful to you, Auntie!

      – You’re like my daughter was. After all, we can say you have lost loved ones. You’re my mother died, I left the children. And I, and we’re almost alone, but he is our salvation. – Elsa Eduardovna pointed eyes full of tender love on Dimka. Yes, Aunt Elsa, I’ve never even Lenya visit to a rehabilitation center. So just call back on his cell.

      – What is he, how is he?

      – He promised to leave, already at the end of April. Just in time for birthday Dima. Religious dad Garinov Alexei also promised to fly. Yes, I remember when we were baptized Dimochka with him in our little church at the rehabilitation center. This stately and handsome man. Oh, would I were younger. Yes, he’s lonely. When his son died, his wife could not survive the death of his son. She died after half a year.

      – So he never married? – Twice asked curiously Elsa Eduardovna.

      Yes, alone. – Sigh said Anne. Well, if I do not have urgent business, then I will be at a birthday Dima. That’s when we’re all together it will pick up the bride, be sure of that.

      – Uh- blah- mm! – Babbled baby smearing handle full gruel your mouth and cheeks.

      – Oh, you’re my little one! – Wailing, Elsa Eduardovna quickly wiped with a clean cloth pap…

      Saturday morning dawned warm and sunny. Anya, stretching in bed with pleasure, giving laziness and inaction, not in a hurry to get up. The doorbell suddenly rang. Elsa Eduardovna, indoor slippers shuffling, hurried to open the door. Soon came the voice from the hallway Sobinova:

      – Hello, Elsa Eduardovna! Anya is still asleep? – Her voice ringing with funny notes saying that Anya’s laziness in bed came to an end. And she quickly slipped his feet into slippers, rushed out to meet a friend, finding buttoning pink bathrobe.

      – Hi, Sobinova! How the wind in such a early hour?

      – How early?! It’s ten o’clock! – And realizing that she is not at home, and did not proofread his Petra went on: Well, excuse me, please! I’m bored and could not stand it for long! By the way, the taxi is waiting. So get dressed up and go!

      – We, like all normal people agreed that we will go by train. Yes, but I have something long ago lost the habit of trains.

      – You know, I’m probably the same. You wait for me over there for a coffee table, I will soon. In the shower run off and go. A taxi will not wash off?

      – What do you mean? Where does he find so many bobla? For the whole day is noting as much as I promised him! – Mimicking the jargon Experienced in reshaping women answered Sobinova. Anna stared at her, thinking:

      «What can cast a woman enforced solitude!»

      Sobinova had at its disposal all. Money, a company car, a dacha in Peredelkino and even daily maid service. But such opportunities for long been lazy and become a grumpy fat woman with the ever- distracting nature. It does not figure in the plans of Anna, and she decided to radically change everything and start to lead the Spartan way of life. Especially after reading the historical novel «Three hundred Spartans.» One day he woke up «in the morning» a watch that way at 12, she called to her maid, and calculated it. Then began for the driver of a company car. Asking to ward off the «Volga» in Peredelkino and lock out there in the garage, which was built in the courtyard garden, and the keys give the gardener. The driver tried to object, but stumbled on the iron lady note in his voice, dutifully took the money owed to the expectation and without saying goodbye and forcefully slammed the door went from bad thoughts:

      «Wait a minute, bitch, come boss, how cute call me!»

      So, left alone, Anna began to lord it in the house. And it distracted her from enforced idleness, giving new impetus to the fight against boredom alone. Of course, Anya Krazimova not had time to pleasure, to enjoy the pleasures of a well- fed carefree life, what was until recently Sobinova. And she wanted as long as possible to prolong this state, but the hard pressure of Anna and suppleness of character Anya did the trick.

      After a half hour of procedures, Anya fresh and dressed in a tracksuit, was ready to follow his girlfriend.

      – Anne, and what we will collect mushrooms? – Alarmed, examined from head to toe girlfriend asked Sobinova.

      – There’s

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