Steel Sky. Anya Annetsun

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Steel Sky - Anya Annetsun

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Experience flight once, and your eyes will forever be directed to the sky. Having been there once, you are doomed to yearn for him for the rest of your life."

       Leonardo da Vinci

      Chapter 1

      Hello … – Tina held out her hand in a hole that flaunted instead of a door lock.

      Tim shook it. – Hello. Will you come in?

      Tina smiled coquettishly, only with her eyes, and slightly with the corners of her lips.

      Can i?

      Why not? – Tim pulled on the old wooden door, it creaked and opened.

      Wow…. – Tina entered the huge Hall. A huge chandelier hung from the ceiling, and an old, well-worn piano stood in the corner. The parquet was completely erased. In some places, traces of dry mastic were visible. The walls were decorated with plaster, yellowed from time to time, which in some places sagged in flakes.

      Do you live here?

      Nearly. – Tim waved his hand in side of the shabby chair. – Do you want to sit down?

      Nope. – Tina continued smile all over your face.

      You know what happened to sky? – Tina came close to Tim – close, so that their hands touched and both of them were pierced by an electric shock.

      Yes. They protected him.

      Who are they? – looking sympathetically on Tim, Tina stroked the upholstery of the chair, it was very soft to the touch.

      Our leaders.

      Are you talking about the President?

      Not. About the LEADER.

      And who is it?

      The one who actually runs the country.

      And who is it? – Tina repeated, burning with curiosity.

      General Y and his team.

      Do you think the president has no power?

      Doesn't have. My name is Tim.

      Tina held out her hand for a handshake.

      Tina, very nice.

      Let's make love? – Tim stepped closer and put his hand on Tina's chest. She felt the warmth of his touch.

      You are so hot.

      Are you shy? Everybody is here – there is no one else.

      No, I …

      Okay. Would you like some tea?

      Want. – Tina nodded and stood look around for a teapot.

      Don't look for him here. He is in the kitchen.

      Come with me.

      Tim showed Tina to follow him and, passing the corridor, opened the door to a cozy little kitchenette.

      He put the kettle on the fire and went back to Tina.

      You are very beautiful.

      Thank you. – Tina looked up and caught Tim's eye. His eyes were laughing.

      You, too … are sooooo handsome.

      Are you alone here?


      Stay with me.


      There is a bedroom here. Let's go to there?

      What for?

      Well, let's lie down and relax …

      Okay. Tina nodded again.

      I'll pour boiling water over my tea now, we grab some cups and go there, okay?


      You are smart. – Tim gracefully poured boiling water over the black tea poured into the cups, added sugar and handed one cup to Tina.

      Let's go.

      She obediently took the cup – the cup was hot.

      Tina followed Tim and they were in the bedroom. It was a quiet room, with curtains, all in the shade, on the bedside table was a smartphone charger.

      Do you use your phone? she wondered.

      Sometimes. Tim smiled.

      But the ban … – Tina looked into his eyes, expecting to see fright, but he looked straight and boldly.

      I do not care. – He began to undress her, showering her shoulders and neck with kisses.

      Tina did not resist, although she was very scared. This was her first time.

      When they finished, they fell asleep on the bed, listening to the measured ticking of the clock.

      Chapter 2

      Goggle-eyed citizen

      Independent and complete

      Explained in Latin

      With the police in the park in the rain.

      Like a giant giant

      Criticizing everyone fervently

      He told him that name

      What a leader has in life.

      General Yi looked closely through the binoculars. Tim has been watched by government agencies for a long time. He more than once gathered protest actions in the square.

      Well. Dear Mr. Timur Aristarkhov. You have found a girl, and we will ask her to help us.

      General Yi has dialed the emergency communications headquarters for deserters.

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