Ghosts In the Heart. Michael J.D. Keller

Зарубежная фантастика.

Ghosts In the Heart
Michael J.D. Keller
Зарубежная фантастика
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Can a man spend much of his life in love with a woman he has never actually met, can never meet? To Alexander Mckenzie,a chillingly aloof San Francisco Police Detective, the answer is yes. Since his adolescence he has been consumed by the image of Mireille Marchand, a beautiful young French actress whose tragic death at the beginning of her career has never ceased to haunt him. Then when a savagely violent confrontation with a brutal robber brings him to the edge of death while shredding the very fabric of time and space, he is seemingly given a unique opportunity to alter the course of fate. Or is it all just another desperate dream?<br><br>Ghosts in the Heart blends romance and action in a story that sweeps the reader across time and distance&ndash;from a San Francisco high rise to the mean streets of Marseille-from Paris to Avignon, and finally to the fabled Pont de St. Benezet bridge. On the fragmented remains of a medieval attempt to span the turbulent Rhone River the limits of love,courage,and sacrifice will be put to the ultimate test.