A Hell of a Woman. Ron Boone's Hummer

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A Hell of a Woman
Ron Boone's Hummer
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It&#39;s the summer 2010, Allentown, Pennsylvania. Doc Halladay has joined The Philadelphia Phillies in a bid to go back and win the World Series after losing to the New York Yankees in 2009. <br><br>6 months ago, Don Gunn&#39;s wife died in a car accident. Now he is on the verge of losing his job and career at Blake & Yurman, an advertising agency, because of his non-compete agreement which will keep him out of the industry for 2 years. <br><br>Things seem to look up for Gunn when he meets Kim Hunter, a woman who is nearly half his age, a woman that he can only dream about. He goes on a date with Kim that night which will be the beginning of his worst nightmare. Suddenly, people are following him, camping out by his apartment. 5 people are murdered by a serial killer and Kim Hunter is a person of interest in all of the murders. <br><br>As Gunn races through interviews in order to find a job before he is fired from Blake & Yurman, his life is spiraling out of control, putting the lives of his closet friends – Natalie Mendoza and Doug Kimball – in danger. As a result, Gunn is forced to determine who the serial killer is before he is the next victim. <br><br>A Hell Of A Woman is a story about love, friendship, and what happens when a man loses everything that he worked so hard for because of corporate greed in America.