Flight Risks. Douglas Schofield

Ужасы и Мистика.

Flight Risks
Douglas Schofield
Ужасы и Мистика
Год выпуска:
A WORLD IN TURMOIL<br><br>In the wake of al-Qaeda&#39;s catastrophic attacks, western democracies scramble to meet a deadly new threat…<br><br>A LIFE IN TURMOIL<br><br>For legal secretary Grace Palliser, the war on terror is just background noise. Twenty-four years ago, her father shot her mother and then killed himself. Today, Grace&#39;s life is a torment of nightmares, drug addiction, and custody fights over her daughter.<br><br>Being framed for murder is just about the last thing Grace Palliser needs…<br><br>But her accidental discovery of a vast international fraud triggers a cascade of terrifying events. Within days, Grace is running for her life, hunted by both the Canadian police and the American FBI. She flees across the continent in a desperate search for the evidence that will clear her.<br><br>Hot on her trail is a corrupt former cop with a simple assignment…<br><br>… to kill Grace Palliser.