Green In the Emerald City. Juli Bunting

Ужасы и Мистика.

Green In the Emerald City
Juli Bunting
Ужасы и Мистика
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Samantha Green, the sharpest investigator for Heartland Global Insurance is on the case again. This time, readers are transported to Seattle, where Sam uncovers the mystery behind a stolen book dating back to the fifteenth century. She encounters a handsome detective along the way whom she suspects has romantic intentions, or at least interests. Samantha senses some chemistry worth exploring, too-at least until she meets the darkly handsome stranger who is Seattle's resident expert on rare books. In Green in the Emerald City, we again travel with the smart and beautiful Samantha as the secrets of her late parents and her uncle unfold in this spellbinding, page turning novella. This second book in "The Green Series" will have readers holding their breath, as the quick-witted insurance investigator digs into the past to learn the truth about her parents death, her uncle's long lost love, and the centuries-old book that brought them all together.