PW-1. Spencer Scarcello

Научная фантастика.

Spencer Scarcello
Научная фантастика
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science fiction / inspirational<br><br>PW-1 is the incredible story of Ralph Diamond who lives with his wife Tina, on a 40-acre ranch in the mountains of central California. While enjoying a ride on his ATV, he spots a large translucent elliptical shaped object resting on his property. When fear turns to excitement and curiosity, he investigates and to his amazement finds himself inside a UFO with five alien beings who have been stranded on Earth for six days. Their ship has lost all main power, and their auxiliary power is rapidly depleting. Coming to Earth simply to observe our society, they are now practically in a state of panic as to what fate awaits them if they are discovered on such a primitive planet. <br><br>They ask for Ralph&#39;s help, and he is able to provide them with the items they request, and power is soon restored. They invite him to come to their planet and meet their leader, and also to introduce their people to the man who made their return home possible. As a show of appreciation, Ralph is cured of all his physical ailments, and given increased mental abilities, which allow him to perform amazing feats of savant capacity. The aliens and Ralph soon become friends, and over time Ralph receives several gifts from them that change our society forever: Ending hunger and issuing in an era of world peace. After living long lives on Earth, Ralph and his wife are given hybridized bodies, and go to live with their new friends in a perfect society that is 800,000 years advanced from Earth, on a planet called PW-1 (Perfect World One). Their new home has no crime, illness, injury, nor accidental death. No one has to work, and they live to be over 7,000 years old without aging.