On Distant Worlds: The Prologues & Colibri. Brian Gonzalez

Научная фантастика.

On Distant Worlds: The Prologues & Colibri
Brian Gonzalez
Научная фантастика
Год выпуска:
A thousand years ago the strange and mysterious Cataclysm raced through our area of space, devastating the Solar System and nearly extinguishing all life on Earth. In a desperate attempt to survive extinction, an enormous colony-spawning ship made of ice was sent to the stars, while the rest of humanity either dug deep below the surface of the Earth or died in the Cataclysm.<br><br>Two hundred years after the disaster, humanity crawled out from underground and started rebuilding. A thousand years after the Cataclysm, a long-term expedition is launched to find the trail of the legendary Ice-ship and discover the fate of the human colonies it was tasked with founding.<br><br>Ice-ship expert Dr. Tasaya Belocq and the rest of the crew of the Jumpship Emissary voyage to the stars to discover the many faces of humanity and the many faces of nature.