Wake-Up Call. Joaquin De Torres

Научная фантастика.

Wake-Up Call
Joaquin De Torres
Научная фантастика
Год выпуска:
One hundred mental patients are brutally massacred in the frigid cold of a Russian forest as they wait for a mysterious light coming down from the night sky. Their deaths are never spoken of again.<br><br>More than three decades later, directors at mental hospitals in California are stunned when 100 patients&mdash;comatose for years&mdash;suddenly &quot;wake up&quot; and speak of a person called &quot;The Commander&quot; who will lead them to a place where they will be taken from Earth.<br><br>One person may hold the answers&mdash;a severely mentally-ill homeless man whose knowledge of astronomy, physics and mathematics is not only more advanced than Einstein and Tesla, but can summon superhuman abilities in the blink of an eye. <br><br>Taken in and protected by a small team of mental health physicians, a brilliant astrophysicist, a derelict naval officer, and a renowned Ancient Aliens theorist, this freakishly gifted person called &quot;Doogie&quot; warns that time is running out; that the &quot;creators&quot; are already on their way to Earth. They will arrive within weeks. <br><br>The chosen hundred must be ready, but like 30 years ago, a new threat makes its presence menacingly clear. A xenophobic Senator with a horrific secret and the authority to launch military strikes is plotting to destroy an extraterrestrial visitation of any kind. . .even if it means the deaths of thousands, if not the utter destruction of the entire West Coast.