Happy Go Lucky. Jimmy Chua

Юмористическая фантастика.

Happy Go Lucky
Jimmy Chua
Юмористическая фантастика
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This book is about this guy HAPPY who is from a humble background in SINGAPORE, and his life experience, serving in the army to escort the President on the Police Bike, Selling Insurance, Romance, Investing in Stocks, Generating multiple Streams of $$$, ups and downs… and eventually realising his DREAM of running a resort and cruise service to connect with Whales and Dolphins in Australia!<br><br>Be inspired by the lessons in this book!<br><br>Jimmy Chua is a Singaporean who has travelled round the world, realizing his dreams along the way! The stories experienced by HAPPY are inspired by Jimmy&#39;s own life journey! Anything is possible when we believe in whatever we are doing helps us in getting closer to living our desired DREAMS! And we don&#39;t have to settle for anything less than what we want, that is the message, love ourselves for who we are, accept the past as it is past, and move on to doing whatever our hearts guide us to do! It is following our passions that make all the difference.<br><br>Jimmy Chua has tried countless jobs in his lives, escorting the President on the Police Bike, driving boat along Singapore River, working for an Investment Bank, famous Universities, Selling Life and General Insurance, Real Estate, Household Surveys, Credit Cards, Telemarketing, Selling Bubble Tea, Portable Air Cons, teaching meditation and most importantly selling the idea of DREAMING BIG and be HAPPY!