Murder In a Blizzard. Michael Lorinser

Ужасы и Мистика.

Murder In a Blizzard
Michael Lorinser
Ужасы и Мистика
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From the author of The Last Trip of the Magi, comes a perplexing mystery featuring colorful and unusual characters trapped in a maze of surprises and dead ends. <br><br>&quot;Woe unto those who do not heed my warning.&quot; The newscaster prepares his viewers for the ferocious blizzard surging toward them. Most listen. A few do not. <br><br>&quot;Only daredevils, fools, and the na&Atilde;&#175;ve come out in weather like this.&quot; The restaurant manager describes the fourteen unwary travelers forced to seek overnight refuge in his establishment. He will soon add murderers to his list.<br><br>&quot;Someone call 9-1-1. Please. Call 9-1-1.&quot; The young lady pleads for help after stumbling over the body of the secretive loner who had been spying on the restaurant&#39;s guests.<br><br>&quot;Oh, how I hate this job.&quot; The aging deputy battles through the blizzard to his first homicide scene ever. His inexperience with major crimes is only one of the reasons he can&#39;t curb the violence or identify the culprit.<br><br>&quot;We are being held hostage by the blizzard and a murderer.&quot; The frustrations of the patrons and staff of the restaurant boil over. Fear and tension build. Tempers flare. Rumors spread. Suspicion shifts from person to person.<br><br>&quot;All is not going to end well.&quot; A stranded woman makes an ominous prediction. She is right. All does not end well.