The Witch Of Stonecliff. Dawn Brown

Зарубежные детективы. Shivers

The Witch Of Stonecliff
Dawn Brown
Зарубежные детективы
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Shadowy forces gather an unholy harvestMalicious whispers have long swirled around Stonecliff, Eleri James's family estate–especially the eerie bog called The Devil's Eye. But the bodies recently discovered on the property are no rumor. Twelve men pulled from the ooze, their throats slit, their flesh corrupted. Suspicion has perched on Eleri's shoulder with the croak of a single syllable: witch. Now her only hope of evading prison is a man who could destroy her, body and soul.Kyle Peirs is a survivor. Two years ago, he awoke in the inky night on the shore of The Devil's Eye, bleeding from his throat and barely alive. He's returned to Stonecliff to learn the truth about his ordeal and lay his own demons to rest. He never expected to find an ally–and a lover–in the woman he branded a killer.Unless Kyle and Eleri can penetrate the evil surrounding The Devil's Eye, they, too, will fall to the reaping….