Diamonds are for Sharing. Shirley Jump

Эротическая литература. Mills & Boon M&B

Diamonds are for Sharing
Shirley Jump
Mills & Boon M&B
Эротическая литература
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Life changing Decisions, Diamond GiftsHer Valentine Blind Date Before Cari Christensen could say Mr Right?, the dark, gorgeous stranger had whisked her outside the dance club to his waiting car. By the time Max Angeli realised Cari wasn’t his blind date, he was already falling for the pretty waitress.Tipping the Waitress with DiamondsCelebrity chef Brett Cameron has a tough choice to make. Carry on with his new restaurant dream or answer a plea for help… Sienna Rossi is trying to rescue her aunt’s bistro but she’s in trouble. Until she sees a vision in shimmering chef’s whites: Brett, her teenage crush!The Bridesmaid and the BillionaireSusannah Wilson is planning the trip of a lifetime. But her locked-up heart is being opened by billionaire Kane Lennox who is escaping the stifling expectations of New York. Being with Susannah, Kane’s breaking all the rules and happy ever after isn’t on his agenda.