IN THE BEGINNING. Welby Thomas Cox, Jr.

Историческое фэнтези.

Welby Thomas Cox, Jr.
Историческое фэнтези
Год выпуска:
There is and always has been a great deal of speculation in regards to the origin of the human species, homo sapien. There are those who want you to believe that it was God who created the universe and all in it. In this book, I do not seek to make a definitive statement about my beliefs. As a journalist it is my duty to give all sides and let the reader make his or her own determinations. It is a complex, and yes a most controversial subject. This little book provides several flaming questions…most essentially as we end the year 2020 amide a major pandemic which has nearly brought our world to a screeching halt even as we prepare to send tourist into space in 2021, the overriding question is this; If God created man in his own image who created aliens… if they exist? There is a conflict among the great minds of science, religion and the ordinary citizen. This book does little to settle the question. After all humanity has only been attempting to answer these questions through research and prayer for thousands of years. The goal of this book is not to answer but to probe, to question, to present…even the most extreme positions. Let us open our minds to some eventual answer…the journey will be swift and neither the reader nor this lonely scribe will be here when the truth of the matter has finally been resolved and accepted by all. Certainly, I admit my brain does not function in the area of mathematics and while I love reading and writing about the amazing facts in science…I can only write about it but not conjure any relevant facts on my own. So, with these humble admissions, let us explore together…In The Beginning!